Thanks for stopping by. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I was named after my mom, Jacqueline, but got my cheesy jokes from
my dad (sorry in advance for that.) I grew up in a bit of a mix of cultures between San Diego, México City, and Geneva- now currently chasing my dreams in New York City.

When I was young, I would read endlessly, which explains my need for glasses now. I’d fill journals with stories and poetry about anything and everything my mind came up with. Fun fact- I even wrote a ‘book’ in the sixth grade about my classmates and I being stranded on a deserted island- spoiler alert, it didn’t have a happy ending as you can imagine.  

So anyway, you get the point. I’ve always been a lover of words, of storytelling, and of using my experiences to inspire my creativity- so it’s no surprise at all that I ended up here, doing what I’m doing.

My experience ranges from copywriting and concept development to ideating and creating integrated campaigns from start to finish. I always look to add a personal touch to any project I’m working on- no matter the brief, topic, or platform.

Let’s make impactuful and meaningful work, together. 

Select Clients:
Facebook, Chase, Allstate, Essentia Water, Equinox, Visa, Accenture, Amazon, Adobe, Lululemon, Under Armour, Alexander Wang,
Skinny Pop, Snickers, M&M’s



Droga5, New York City
Feb 2020 – Present

Droga5, New York City
Creative Intern
Sept – Dec 2019 

New York City
Creative Intern
July – Sept 2019

Mexico City
Oct 2018 – June 2019

Miami Ad School, Mexico City
Copywriting Portfolio Program

Adobe, San Francisco

Digital Marketing Intern
July – Sept 2016