Allstate: Smooth

Drivewise is an insurance tool that rewards
smooth driving. 

Set to the elegant track of Edith Piaf’s Je Ne Regrette Rien, we watch with bated breath and perverse wonder as the most mundane objects cling on for dear life to the roof of a car. From jello to furry slippers to a fishbowl, we see how these forgotten objects survive as an example of the type of safe driving you need to do to save with Allstate’s Drivewise.

The spot premiered during the 2020 Emmy’s.
Featured in Ad Age and Shots.

Agency: Droga5
Ringan Ledgewidge
David Droga, Tim Gordon, Kevin Brady, Paul Meates, Tara Lawall, Vanessa Bittante, Inna Kofman, Nico Baumann