Skillshot x Rise Above Disorder:
Gamer Therapy

More than ever, people are using video games as a way to release stress. To take that release further, we’re inviting a team of licensed therapists into the game.

Esports company Skillshot and mental health organization Rise Above the Disorder teamed up to approach the topics of mental health and gaming in a fresh way. While video games have suffered the stigma of being a pastime that glamorizes violence, for many gamers, they’re an outlet for their stresses- a mean to decompress and even develop meaningful connections with other players. 

This idea takes it a step further and invites players to partake in actual therapy sessions while they’re playing a game. The initiative invites gamers to sign up for sessions, during which they’ll be matched up with therapists they can play with, while they open up about what’s been bogging them down in the real world. The campaign also includes psychoeducation sessions for content creators that will be streamed on Twitch.

The concept and idea was born when Tudor Cucu and I worked together, pre-pandemic, as interns on the same creative team and has only been made greater by Frank Cartagena and his team at The Community Agency.

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Agency: The Community
The Makers Lab

Team: Frank Cartagena, Tudor Cucu