Nike: Redefine Victory

Piérdelo Todo. Gánalo Todo.
Lose it All. Win it All.

With this campaign, comes a valuable lesson: to win, we need to lose.

Lose our fears, lose the stereotypes, lose the pressure, lose the limits.

México is one of the most important countries for women's futbol in the world.
However, our women's professional futbol team has only existed for 7 years and carries
a lot of stereotypes, hardships, stigmas and barriers. We wanted to face this tension
head-on and create an anthem we could be proud of.

Taking real insights from the athletes themselves and turning them into powerful and
inspiring stories, the campaign approaches the topic in an unexpected way. It talks about losing.
Why? Because these athletes are playing a different game, for something much bigger than a victory.
They play a game that beats adversity and creates opportunity for all women and future generations of players.

Agency: Wieden & Kennedy
Fridman Sisters
Photographer: Seo Ju
Felipe Ribeiro, Jessica Apellaniz, Arah Kim, Andrea Souza, Rafael Campello, Gus Henrique

Production: Stink