UNICEF: Sleepy Teddy

By using anti-vibration technology, what seems like a common stuffed animal becomes a sleeping tool that displaced children can depend on. 

Sound plays a big role in a child’s sleep cycle. When a child does not get enough sleep, feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, irritability, over or under eating and insomnia can occur. Now imagine if this child was one of the millions of victims of forced displacement due to violence and war. Even after the conflict ends, the trauma is still very much alive in the child’s mind.

Thinking of a possible aid for this delicate issue is no easy task. But we thought, what is something that could be easily produced, distributed, and embraced by kids- a teddy bear.
But this is no ordinary stuffed animal- the bear contains anti-vibration technology that minimizes unwanted disturbances nearby. This is done through the bear’s vibration sensor whcih picks up incoming sounds such as trains, car engines, and conversations.  

Created for Future Lions


AD: Emmanuel Rocha
CW: Jacqueline Salome